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Business Development is not only market expansion, but also enriching the customer experience, predicting consumer behavior, and creating flexible business models are key to sustaining growth in any economic condition.

Although business development and growth is a leading priority for the C-suite, companies struggle with focus and execution. Whether it is customer and market analytics, enhancing customer loyalty, market expansion initiatives or inorganic growth, we can work with you to identify growth opportunities, develop practical strategies, and construct supporting business development processes and systems to achieve your growth objectives.

Gross and Co. helps clients develop and execute their business development process and turn data and trends into actionable market strategies and actions. Combined with a deep understanding of traditional marketing, digital marketing, social media web technology and new product development, we help clients achieve sustained profitable growth. Our business development strategies include marketing strategies and sales coaching, to operations, IT and finance, we help you understand how to identify and integrate growth opportunities across the organization.

Our capabilities help:

  • Sales organizations identify customer growth potential, improve customer satisfaction, and improve sales and marketing performance.
  • Integrate growth initiatives across customer delivery channels, including the sales organization, marketing, customer service and supply chain.
  • CFOs and the finance organization capture data across the enterprise to support strategic decision making, pricing strategy and profitable growth by integrating supply and demand planning with financial pro-forma forecasting.
  • Change enablement executives drive organizational and cultural change to support enterprise growth strategies.
  • Help identify a strategic merger or acquisition, lead the due diligence process, acquisition financing, and develop a post-merger integration plan.

Growth is not elusive. Our experience and hands-on operational approach can help provide the clarity needed for effective decision making to succeed in a fast moving dynamic market.