Employment Assessments

employment assessments

DISC Assessment Wheel

Gross and Co. is certified by TTI to administer Managerial and Aptitude Employment Assessments for the purposes of validation of skills and determining best career fit for new candidates.  A few of our more popular assessments include:

Executive Success Insights™ (D.I.S.C.) The purpose of this assessment is to identify how executives approach problems, suggests areas for improving leadership styles, identified strategies for communicating with subordinates and it will pinpoint the executives natural and adaptive personality styles using the D.I.S.C. process. This assessment is very useful to determine if the executive is in a work environment that he/she is well suited for.

Sales Strategy Index™ Can they sell? Do they understand the sales process? Are they treating each sales situation the way top salespeople do? The Sales Strategy Index will answer those questions and more. The SSI is a very powerful tool to discover if your sales staff is suited for sales based on their sales aptitude. It also can be used of selecting sales candidates that bring the right skills to the job.

Customer Service Insights™ Are you and your employees meeting customer needs? How are you and your company being perceived? Are you the right person to interact with customers? This assessment is designed to quantify information on how you see your own behavioral style as well as how others perceive your behavior. It has been proven that customers will switch to another company rather than tolerate poor service. Other research indicates that even without a conflict, 60% of all customers will leave if there is a feeling of indifference on the part of the company. The knowledge gained in this assessment will help you to formulate strategies in meeting customer needs leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Personal Interest, Attitudes and Values™ The “why” behind behavior and actions. What motivates you to take action? What motivates your staff to get involved in certain activities or avoid them all together? This assessment identifies the underlying motivational forces unique to each individual. Identifying them is important to understanding what makes you effective, satisfied and personally successful.

We also offer a variety of web based skill assessments for spelling, writing, math, blue print reading and computer literacy to help clients make informed decisions concerning their hiring process.