Executive Search

executive search

Executive Recruiting and Talent Assessment

Gross & Co. specializes in executive search services required for the placement of technical experts and senior executives in the global automotive, law, manufacturing, engineering and energy sector. We provide experienced, ambitious and successful industry leaders to companies needing proven candidates to support growth and profitability goals.

Our pre-qualified global network of C-Level leaders, sales and marketing executives, experienced technical experts, attorneys and business growth strategists have at least five years of experience and are ready for a new career challenge.

We can conduct a search based on a retained, NewHire digital search, priority, or contingency basis. Based on the immediacy in which you need to fill the position, our goal is to complete the search in the most cost-effective and expedient manner.

To complement our proven executive recruiting process, we also provide managerial and behavioral assessments as part of our candidate due diligence validation.  Gross and Co.’s executive recruiting services is certified by TTI Success Insights to administer assessments for managerial style DISC profiles, sales strategy aptitude assessments and motivational profiles.  We also offer a variety of aptitude tests to assess computer literacy, writing ability, math skills and spelling aptitude.  In addition Gross and Co can conduct criminal background checks, educational validation certifications, credit history and reference checks.